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Why Women Are Refusing To Remarry After Divorce

Why Women Are Refusing To Remarry After Divorce

August 12, 2023

Recently, I’ve counseled many successful single moms who are happily single and have made a decision to stay unmarried amidst the pressure to be part of a couple. Many divorced women I counsel look at being single as an opportunity to live a more authentic life.

In America today, at least 100 million women remain single and the ranks keep growing. There’s been a demographic shift with fewer people getting married. The proportion of US women who were married dropped below fifty percent in 2009 creating a “dramatic reversal” with only twenty percent of Americans being wed compared to nearly sixty percent in 1960.

Additionally, many smart women understand that it can take a few years to recover from the emotional and financial strain that often comes with divorce. Healing is not a process that can be rushed, and many single mothers are choosing to reclaim their own lives and to focus on the psychological and emotional well-being of their children.

In my experience the biggest fears divorced women face in society today are: 

  • the fear of being alone
  • the fear of running out of money
  • the fear of missing out
  • the fear of entering another abusive relationship
  • the fear of becoming a "hospice wife." 
  • the fear of financial ruin in another divorce

It’s up to every woman to take stock of their lives after a divorce. Were the years they had with their spouse happy? Moreover, do they actually want a relationship now that they’ve experienced married life? Is it worth the risk?

With the right coaching any smart and successful woman can protect herself and reclaim her financial and emotional identity.

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